What makes the DV program unique to other memory programs? June 23, 2021 12:22

A good memory isn't necessarily a genetic predisposition, and in fact, anyone can train their memory to help optimize learning and remembering facts. Whether it be for your professional, personal, or academic career, the Dean Vaughn Total Retention System is designed to help you become more successful. By helping students learn by association through learning techniques like associating words that sound alike, visualizations, and illogical connections, this memory program provides the means for you to improve your memory.

Developed with the intention of enhancing the brain's natural ability to learn, the Dean Vaughn system recognizes that in the fast-paced technological world that we live in, if you aren't using your own mind to the best of its abilities, you are going to lose it. Optimal retention happens when learning doesn't just involve repetition and regurgitation. When you are able to gain a true understanding of the content, no matter what it is, you will be able to remember what you learned for a lifetime.

Each of the subjects that you can focus your learning on with the system are specifically designed to ensure you remember what you want to learn. What makes is so unique is that the program is more than just a memory system, it is a learning system that can help you excel in subjects such as medical terminology, the periodic table, foreign languages, the SAT and ACT vocabulary sections, mathematics, and geography. Students and business professionals can harness the power of the Dean Vaughn System to change the way they learn complex and simple subjects alike.

Students of the program learn by association, meaning you aren't just being taught that one thing goes with another; rather, you allow your brain to make real connections and associations with material, which greatly improves retention and understanding. Children and adults alike naturally learn by association, so it really makes sense in learning theory to help them remember monotonous facts with things that they can remember easily.

Learn more about the Dean Vaughn system by checking out the numerous books and interactive videos available on deanvaughn.com.