Instant Spanish


Learn Spanish at least 90% faster than any other known method of learning and remember what you learn.

Upon completion of this 177-Lesson Spanish course, you will be able to speak and understand basic conversational Spanish with a vocabulary of over 800 words.  This self-paced conversational Spanish course is perfect for individual use or for homeschooling.  There is no homeschooling Spanish course that can match the speed and effectiveness of Instant Spanish.  It covers material generally included well into, and, in some cases, beyond second level Spanish.  This Spanish course includes more than six hours of audio used in conjunction with the learning guide.


  • Learn vocabulary at the rate of one new word per minute
  • Learn correct grammar without grammatical terms
  • Learn and master verb endings without conjugation

Like all Dean Vaughn Total Retention Systems, this conversational Spanish course focuses on 100 percent retention. Every word and every verb ending taught includes a validated memory technique so that you don't have to learn by the traditional, tedious method of repetition.  Instead, you learn incredibly fast and you remember what you learn.  More than 3 million individuals have used the Dean Vaughn Total Retention System to learn subjects ranging from elementary math to medical terminology and human anatomy.  The system has been used in over 12,000 academic and business institutions worldwide with unprecedented success.

*The audio practice CD requires a device capable of playing mp3 files.

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