SAT Vocabulary: A Word A Minute!


SAT Vocabulary: A Word A Minute! is the world's fastest and easiest method to build English vocabulary!

Use this book to score high on the SAT exam or to build your English vocabulary to a phenomenal degree.  You can now dramatically increase your vocabulary without the inefficient method of repetition.  Instead, with the Dean Vaughn Total Retention System™ you will learn with a validated associative technique and remember what you learn.

In just a few minutes per day, you can build your vocabulary more than you have ever dreamed possible and with 100% retention. SAT Vocabulary - A Word a Minute! includes:

  • 300 Latin and Greek roots, prefixes, and suffixes that appear in many thousands of English words.
  • 300 high-frequency SAT English words with meanings and synonyms.
  • Convenient review sections for rapid review of what you have learned.

This same proven learning system has been used by millions of individuals in over 10,000 academic and business institutions to learn the meanings of 11,000 complex medical terms.  It will now help you build a very powerful English vocabulary.

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