How to Learn and Remember the Books of the Bible


The Dean Vaughn Total Retention System has been used to teach more than three million individuals a wide range of subjects, from elementary reading and mathematics to the field of medicine.  Now, this dramatically effective learning system focuses on learning the Books of the Bible.

In this book, you will not only learn the Books of the Old and New Testament, you will know them equally fast, forward, backward, and randomly. The book can give you immediate random access to every Book of the Bible.  For example, if you want to quickly find the Book of Joel, you would immediately know that it is 29th Book of the 39 Books of the Old Testament.  Knowing numerically where each Book is located will dramatically facilitate your finding every Book of the Bible.

This book is a valuable mental tool for Bible study, both for the beginning student of the Bible or for anyone who wants to more rapidly access the Books randomly.  Best of all, you will learn quickly and remember for a lifetime.

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