The Read-It Robot™


One of the most important things you can do for your child's future education is to instill a love of reading. A child that is excited about reading will tend to read at higher levels in school and retain that love of reading for their entire lifetime. The best things you can do for your child's future reading skill and desire to read is to read to them often and start early on reading education. Learning the basics of reading should not be monotonous, boring, or stressful. It should be fun! The Read-It RobotTM is a fun and easy way for your child to gain important reading skills.

What is the Read-It RobotTM ?

The Read-It RobotTM is a teaching aid that helps children truly learn the alphabet. Not only does your child learn the letters of the alphabet, but they gain an understanding of the phonetics and proper pronunciation of each sound a letter makes. This program, designed for pre-school through first grade, gives your child the basic foundation needed for future reading. A child who has a good understanding of each letter and the sound that it makes is ahead of the game when it comes to beginning to read. They will be able to more quickly sound out words.

How does it work?

The Read-It RobotTM is a DVD-based learning tool that features an animated robot. Using a technique similar to the Dean Vaughn CubeTM, the animated robot has 26 spheres attached to 26 easily recognizable body locations. Each sphere changes into a crystal ball which contains an animal. The child learns to remember the names of each animal in each sphere upon the body, and in the process, gains a detailed knowledge of the sequence, names, and sounds of the 26 letters of the alphabet. The unique way of presenting this information, using visualization and imagination, is the key to the whole system. Using the robot itself as a memory device allows your child to learn information on the alphabet more quickly, retain it for longer and access the information easier.

The importance of learning the alphabet and learning it well:

If you are like most, you learned the alphabet by singing the alphabet song. This is effective, and most of us learned the alphabet well by singing this song. However, knowing the alphabet in one particular order is not always the most helpful, as the letters are just one part of reading. In addition to simply knowing the letters, we must know the sounds they make, and some letters can make more than one sound. The Read-It RobotTM takes learning the alphabet further, and ensures that a student can easily remember the sounds that each letter makes. It truly is the first step to quickly learning to read!

*The DVD video requires a device capable of playing a DVD video disk.

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